Silent Saturday

Acts 2:27 For you will not leave my soul among the dead or allow your Holy One to rot in the grave.

Friday came to a close, and Saturday morning began. The Messiah had died the day before. He was in the grave. Death had silenced Him (temporarily). Jesus was silent. God was silent. God had spoken quite loudly on Friday. No, God wasn’t silent on Friday. He tore the curtains of the temple. He opened the graves of the dead. He turned the sun off in the middle of the day as if He turned off the light switch. He shook the earth. He sacrificed His one and only Son. He didn’t speak audibly, but oh how the voice of God was heard on Friday.

But then Saturday arrived. SILENCE! The silence must have been deafening. Jesus told the disciples He would return, but how would this happen? They had seen the numerous miracles. They heard Him teach. They walked right beside Him. They had trusted Him. But…He’s gone. They saw His agonizing death on the cross. They heard Him speak His final words. They saw His body being prepared for burial. They saw the stone roll in front of the tomb. The Savior was silent. Those closest to Him, His most trusted friends had to wait.

Oh, the weight of the wait, it’s almost unbearable. We recognize the events of Friday, and then we quickly skip over to celebrate Sunday, the resurrection. We skip Saturday…silent Saturday. That day is important though. That is the day that occurs between the struggle and the solution. That’s the day we frequently find ourselves in. We struggle with questions. We struggle with problems. We struggle with sickness, pain, and loss. We struggle…and sometimes God is silent. We call out to Him, but we don’t hear anything. We don’t see a physical response to our cries. God seems silent. It is that time between the struggle and the solution in which the weight of the wait is almost unbearable.

The thing we have to remember is that our God does not remain silent. He answers every question in His own time. He never leaves us. He did not leave His Son in the grave, and He will not leave you in your struggles. Cling to Him.

Sunday is coming….

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