Calm in the Chaos

God is so good! Things are getting real, Peeps! My 365 day devotional cover design has been completed and approved. This devotional was written to encourage us as we walk through these days of chaos. We can always find calm in Jesus. The publishers are tweaking a few interior changes that I made, and then we’re off to the printing presses!

I have another announcement: I completed a third children’s book last week, and it has been accepted for publishing. An Unexpected Friendship is a story about my Axis deer and kangaroo, and it teaches children how to love others who may be different than them. Its based on the second greatest commandment: love your neighbor as yourself.

Im giving God the glory for giving this wordy girl the words for 5 books in 5 years! Thank you to my sweet husband for enduring all the time I’ve spent writing & editing lately. He is a gem! Thank you to all my loyal readers!

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