Give me a word, Lord: SWEETER THAN HONEY

Psalm 19:10 They are more desirable than gold–than an abundance of pure gold; and sweeter than honey, which comes from the honeycomb.

My morning Bible study today was Psalm 19:7-14. David, the psalmist, is explaining what a true treasure the Word of God is. I love to read Psalms. David surely had a way with words. He used descriptive terms that you could almost see and touch and taste. It is easy to see through His words that He loved God’s Word. Why wouldn’t he love it? This incredible book we call the Bible is a living treasure.

This ancient book written over almost 1500 years and penned by more than 40 authors, and it has survived multiple attempts to be destroyed. Yet it still stands. It’s is still here, and page after page reveals the treasure that God has for each of us. That treasure is salvation.

The Word of God is an instruction manual for life that is perfect. When we study this amazing book, our life is renewed daily. It is trustworthy, and digging into the Word will make the inexperienced wise. It is right, and knowing God’s word makes our hearts glad. It is radiant, and the light from the instruction of God makes our eyes light up. That light, the light of Christ, reflects from us into this dark world. The Word is pure, and as we have already seen through years of history, this fabulous book endures forever. It is reliable, and it is righteous. It provides warning, and it promises reward.

I love all of these things that David mentions, but my favorite part is in verse 10. The Word of our God is more desirable than gold, more abundant than pure gold, and it is sweeter than honey. As I ponder those precious words, memories flood my mind of the many times that scripture has enriched my heart and mind. We all have our good days and our bad days. We have had days that we struggled to pay the bills, and days that we have had plenty. No matter our financial standing, we can always find richness in the promises of the Bible. And those promises are truly sweeter than honey.

I had COVID 19 last November. It was not fun. I had a multitude of symptoms, but the one that bothered me the most emotionally was the loss of taste and smell. Those senses were stolen on day 4, and praise the Lord, they returned to me about 10 days later. You never realize how much we take those senses for granted until they are gone. I’m afraid we do the same with scripture. We take it for granted. We lay our Bibles aside knowing that the Word will be there when we need it, and we tend to reach for it only during the tough times. We don’t savor the flavor. My friends, those words aren’t merely written to get us through the tough times. The words are there to get us through ALL times.

There is so much sweetness in scripture. Can you taste it today? Let your senses indulge in some sweet nectar. Taste and see that the Word is so very good. It is indeed sweeter than honey.

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